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Rev on the radio

Our Chaplain, Rev was interviewed by BBC Radio Suffolk for their Journey of Faith programme. The programme interviews a range of different people about faith – how they first found their faith, as well as what sustains their faith.

Rev explained that she had heard the programme before, so was happy to join in when they called her about doing an interview. They were interested to hear that Rev was at University the first time she went to church and had gone with some friends for a laugh! In fact they found the service very authentic and instead of laughing Rev and her friends were moved to tears by the sermon. Rev also talked about her experiences later when she felt called to a career in the church. In 1996 it was still quite a new thing for women to be allowed to be ordained in the Church of England and Rev was often on the receiving end of prejudice for being one of those women. At theological college there were seven women and ninety men – many of them did not hold back their anger about having to train alongside women. As a result, and knowing what it was like to be excluded, Rev explained in the interview that she works hard to include people and feels that no one should have to experience prejudice. Rev enjoyed talking about working at Ipswich school and praised our students’ open mindedness – something she wishes that she had more of when she was at school.

If you would like to listen to the interview, it is available on BBC Radio Suffolk

Kate S, Abby C and Maia C, Year 11

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