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Starry success for Ipswich School GCSE students

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One of the largest groups of GCSE students in recent years at Ipswich School have achieved a third of exams graded at A*, with 20 pupils achieving at least 7 A* grades or the equivalent, widely seen as a benchmark for the most selective universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

This summer’s GCSE exams also show that 100% of pupils achieved a Level 4 or equivalent in English and Maths, and that 52 pupils achieved at least 8 exams graded A or A* standard.

Headmaster Nicholas Weaver said: “We are very proud of these results, with the number of A* grades achieved being the highest for four years.  Our pupils have done very well in giving themselves an excellent foundation at GCSE level to go on to further study and, ultimately, to the universities of their choice.  We look forward to seeing record numbers enrolling with us in Year 12 at the beginning of September to continue their school careers.”

Over three-quarters of exams were graded A*-A in a range of subjects: History, Latin, Maths, Music, Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) and Russian.  Some particular student successes included: Nadia Mason, who achieved nine A* grades and two Level 9 grades in English – the highest possible scores in all her subjects, Effie Menzies, who achieved eight A* grades and two Level 9 grades in English, and Mieke Cable-Henrichs, who achieved eight A* grades and two Level 8 grades in English.  Nadia said of her results: “I was nervous but I knew I couldn’t have done any more work.  When I opened the envelope I couldn’t believe it – I was speechless for a second!”

Ipswich School GCSE exam statistics
Number of pupils: 128
% of pupils achieving at least a Level 4 (or equivalent) in English and Maths: 100%
% of pupils achieving at least 5 A*- C grades (or equivalent), including English and Maths: 99.2%
(Please note: Only English GCSEs at Ipswich School were graded using the new 9-1 number grading. IGCSE Maths maintained the letter gradings, hence the ‘or equivalent’ note above)

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