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Suffolk charities benefit from Ipswich School charity collections

Two Suffolk charities will share the funds raised by Ipswich School pupils earlier this year, from a series of events held at the school.

Ipswich Housing Action Group and Suffolk Young People’s Health Project were selected by pupils at the school as their nominated charities through a link up with Suffolk Community Foundation.

As well as raising money through non-uniform days, a barbeque and disco, and collections after chapel services, pupils were encouraged to donate items such as flannels, soap, pasta and cereals which could be given to the two charities to pass on to people in need.

Just over £5000 was collected to be passed on to Suffolk Community Foundation to share with the charities.

Nicholas Weaver, Headmaster of Ipswich School said: “Encouraging our pupils to care for the community around them is an important part of an Ipswich School education, and I am delighted that they rose to the challenge of supporting these two charities.”

Andrea Pittock from Suffolk Community Foundation came to the school to receive the money, and added: “We are delighted to be working with Ipswich School to help pupils find out more about the Suffolk-based charities they could support. With over 78% of money raised in Suffolk leaving the county, this link is invaluable for charities working right at the heart of our communities who do not get the major publicity of larger organisations. This money raised, along with the toiletries and food items will help make a difference to many young people and to those who are homeless here in Suffolk”

A shortlist of five charities was presented to pupils, who were then able to vote for their preferred charity to support during the year. Suffolk Young People’s Health Project and Ipswich Housing Action Group received the most votes in the poll.

See here for background information on the voting process. This was put together by an Ipswich School student.

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