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Why not try out some yoga or pilates this week?

Both these forms of exercise have great mental and physical health positives, for example the breathing exercises in particular can help to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. 

Pilates may improve the treatment of depression by offering an opportunity to divert the mind from negative thoughts, releasing self stress, enhancing mindfulness and helping to create a self care routine. 

There are many types of yoga but usually the one recommended for beginners is called Hatha Yoga as it’s a slower form of yoga focusing on improving posture but if you’re up for a challenge you could try the Vinyasa form of yoga which focuses more on linking mindfulness with fluid movement. Some possible routines you could try even just once a week to improve your well being are below: 

We asked Wellbeing Co-ordinator Miss Woodmansey more about the benefits of yoga.

  • How is yoga good for your physical body?

Yoga helps us to release stress and tension that we hold in our body. Movement is medicine, so slow yoga positions can really help you to open up. 

  • How is yoga good for your mental health?  

Yoga requires us to physically move, but it shifts our mindset too. It allows us to slow down, focus on our breath, resulting in us releasing emotions and feeling connected to our mind and bodies. 

  • Should we include yoga in our life routines?

Absolutely! This will work in different ways for each of us. Some prefer 10 minutes a day, whereas others like a full hour session once a week. See what works for you and give yoga a try – it is a great form of self love. 

Yoga is also an extremely easy exercise to do at home as all you need is a soft surface and a good tutorial and you are set to go! There’s no time to lose, try it out – happy mental health week.

Flo W and Poppy S, Year 10

Yoga tutorials

Or if you fancy trying some pilates:

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