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Why we sing!

This October, Ipswich School is celebrating the 10th annual Festival of Music, and the line-up this year promises to impress.

Several of the performances and workshops are all about singing, such as an evening concert with The Swingles! Some of you may remember The Swingles as part of a previous Festival of Music in 2016. They are a world renowned a capella choir group and we are excited to have them join us again on the 11th of October, where they will be singing their own numbers, as well as two more alongside the Chapel Choir in a performance to the public. We can expect a wonderful evening, for which tickets are almost sold out so do hurry!

If you feel inspired by this or any other form of music, why not Come and Sing the Great Choruses with David Lawrence?

Former students of the Prep School might remember David Lawrence as the conductor of the Young Voices concerts at the O2 Arena, and as well as this, he holds the world record for the largest massed choir ever assembled. We are excited to offer this opportunity to sing well known choral works such as Handel’s Messiah and Parry’s I Was Glad, all day on Saturday
12 October.

Tickets for all Festival events are available from the New Wolsey Theatre box office on 01473 295900.

You may be wondering why singing is important. In fact, there are many beneficial reasons to sing. For one, singing is good for your physical health! It’s a workout for your diaphragm and can improve your aerobic capacity. Moreover, standing up straight is part of any singer’s correct technique, so with time, good posture will become a habit.

Psychologically, singing is a natural antidepressant because it releases endorphins: the feel-good brain chemicals that make your feel happy. Singing lowers your stress because it releases stored muscle tension and decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your bloodstream.

Singing also has numerous social benefits such as the feelings of unity and friendship that we gain from singing as a group.

During our time as members of the Chapel Choir, we have both made friends from other year groups, meeting people that we would have never otherwise have the chance to interact with as part of normal school life.

As well as this, singing allows you to appreciate the talents of others. How many of you have previously not known of someone’s amazing voice, only to hear them sing and be blown away?

If you have been inspired to have a go at singing, why not join in at the Come and Sing Workshop or join the all new Pop Chorus, open to students and staff alike, which rehearses on Tuesdays after school.

The Occasional Student Journalists, Year 12

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