Year 1 visit to Hedingham Castle

We were greeted by the lady of the castle and then spent the morning visiting the Great Hall, learning a medieval dance, observing a medicine woman at work and wielding some heavy weapons!  After a picnic lunch under the trees, we were then treated to an archery display, took part in some jousting and finally had an audience with the lady and her monk.

Comments by Year 1 pupils:
“I liked the archer when he shot the arrow high up into the air!”
“I liked meeting the monk.  He made me walk a long way so that I got better!”
“The best bit was when we went into the castle.  I liked going up the spiral staircase.”
“The jousting was good because we had a jousting stick and you had to get it through rings!”
“I liked the lady of the castle.  She was really pretty and wore a crown.”
“I loved the part when I was in the Great Hall.  I didn’t know that the King had been there!”  
“The costume I wore felt very heavy and the helmet protected my head.”

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