Year 4 and 5 knotting and rope making workshop

As well as making lengths of rope using a ‘rope makers’ jack’ and trying to tie a variety of knots the children had the opportunity to look at, handle and even smell some of Des Pawson’s vast collection of ropes.

Did you know…

…that fibre is twisted into yarns; yarn is twisted into strands; strands are twisted into ropes, and finally, three ropes can be twisted to make a cable?

… that Des owns a piece of cable lifted from the Goodwin Sands that is over three hundred years old and you can still smell the tar that preserved it?

… that Ipswich once had seven ropewalks where rope was made from plant fibres?

… that fibre comes from all sorts of plants and is a bit like the stringy bits in celery?

If you are interested in purchasing Des Pawson's brilliant ‘Handbook of Knots’ (Dorling Kindersley) the ISBN number is 978-1-4053-0467-2.

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