Year 3 Bushcraft

Comments by Year 3 pupils:

'I liked Bushcraft becuase I learnt how to build a fire and also I learnt how to build a bird trap, a squirrel trap and a dear platform. We played lots of games, such as splat, predator and Robin Hood. We made kebabs with lamb, courgettes, pepper and tomatoes. It was great!'

‘I liked Bushcraft because we got to see interesting traps and different ways to make fires.  We also made fires in groups and cooked lamb kebabs on them.  We played fun games like Robin Hood and Predator.  Near the end of the day, we gathered up in the tent and had a biscuit each.  Most of the day it was sunny but for a bit at the beginning of the day, it was rainy.  My favourite part of the day was the games.’                 
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