Year 3 Viking Day

Comments by Year 3 pupils:

“When we got into school we learnt about invading and even acted out a scene where we had to invade the monks at Lindisfarne.  In art we made epic Viking shields - it was extremely fun, although we all got rather messy!  After that we drew funny Viking cartoons of the attack on Lindisfarne!  Then we had one of the greatest Viking feasts.  We had chicken legs, salad and pitta bread, it was delicious.  For dessert, we had plum and apple crumble.  It was scrummy!”   Pupil a

“On Viking Day we did some drama and raided the monks.  After that we made some Viking cartoons - they were great.  After that we made some dazzling shields.  Then we had a feast and ate chicken, bread and vegetables.  Yum!  After we sung some Viking songs.  I loved the day and I even managed to grow a beard over night!”   Pupil b

“First we made our Viking names then we wrote a cartoon and raided Lindisfarne.  After break we made our shields and then we had lunch.  We had chicken legs, salad, apple pie and cherries.  Next we sang Viking songs and later we made a Viking word search in ICT.  Lastly we finished our shield.  The day was fantastic and fun.  I loved being a Viking!” Pupil c

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