Year 4 Release Butterflies

When we received the caterpillars from the supplier, they were 5cm long. They ate and shed their skins 4 times in order to keep pace with their fast growth. Ten days later they climbed to the top of their container, spun a silk pad and hung upside down. They shed once more, after which they were moved to the butterfly house provided. After nine days, the adult butterflies emerged. They expanded and dried their wings by forcing a red liquid through the wing veins. We put a cut peach, a flower and leaves in their house and made nectar by mixing sugar and water so that they could feed. After seven days, one butterfly laid tiny blue eggs on a leaf…..

After allowing the butterflies to warm in the sun, we took them to the wildlife area on the Senior School site and released some. After a little encouragement, two flew off almost immediately, whilst the other three were carefully put back in their special netting home for a possible later release. I was thrilled with the opportunity to watch and learn about them hatching and developing and 1 would recommend the experience.                                                                                                       Written by a Year 4 pupil

The butterflies were the result of a project by a Year 4 pupil over the summer holidays. We are very grateful that she brought in the beautiful butterflies for many of us to appreciate and also to help with ideas to enable their release to be successful. This was clearly a memorable time for the pupil and I know that she learnt a lot. Let’s hope that others will be inspired and enjoy the same experience and also help in the protection of insect populations in the wild.                                                   Mrs Smith, Science Teacher  

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