Year 5 residential trip to Kingswood, Norfolk

When we arrived we had a tour of the activity centre and then set off to the beach.  At the beach, many of us turned over stones and shells to find crabs.  We named all of them!

It was soon lunch.  Delicious!  After that scrumptious meal, we went to our dormitories and quickly settled in.  Then we began our first group activity which was Bushcraft.  It was then problem solving.  I was really looking forward to quad-biking and I wasn’t disappointed, it was really fun!  To end the night, we sat around a camp fire, played games, sang songs and drank hot chocolate.   

The next day began with an early start.  My group’s first activity of the day was orienteering.  We then went bouldering before having lunch.  After lunch, we did Aeroball.  It was really fun, but I didn’t score many goals!  We soon did Leap of Faith, one of my favourite activities.  In the pool we had a great water fight and were all soaking wet at the end!

On the last day, we had our final two activities before returning to Ipswich.

Thank you to all the teachers for looking after us and arranging such an amazing trip.  I wish we could go there again!    Written by a Year 5 pupil.

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