The start of a new year - the view from Year 12

It’s that time again.  Shops are packed with piles of new stationery and enough school uniform seemingly to clothe the whole of Ipswich, and (most importantly) I can finally get my hands on a pumpkin spice latté.

Despite the unseasonal weather, autumn has officially arrived in the shops, offices and schools of Ipswich, same as it does every year. But for me this one’s just a little different. I’ve finally left the hard-work and revision of GCSEs behind and moved on to…the even harder work and revision of A Levels! Obviously it’s a big step-up, but I’ve got to admit the change from Middle School to Sixth Form’s been exciting. No more school uniform for starters and of course the endless supply of tea and coffee in the Sixth Form Centre.

Best of all I’m loving being able to focus on just the subjects I enjoy most. For me these are: French, English, PRE and Latin. As you can probably guess I’m really into languages, so the fact that I can now study two at a higher level, have additional conversation lessons in French and take up Spanish for Enrichment has left me in my element. It’s going to be challenging though, as I quickly found out in my first French lesson when we were immediately told to introduce ourselves to the class in French. Feeling as though I’d forgotten all my French over the summer I began: “I take French, English and PRE” to which my teacher responded “Take? Like I take ketchup on my chips?!” Apparently I have a lot to learn, but to be honest, I can’t wait!

Our year has lost a few familiar faces, but has also gained many unfamiliar ones. It’s been really nice to start getting to know all the new people and watch as friendships made early on in the school are now complemented by new ones. Across the school as a whole it’s always nice to see a new band of Year 7s navigating their way round the school with the help of their trusty homework diary maps…and it's kind of crazy to think it’s been five years since I was in their place. It sounds cliché, but time has flown. 


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