World Book Day at Ipswich School

One fine Thursday, Ipswich School celebrated World Book Day, with a variety of events. One of those was Cook Your Book, taking place in the Junior Library at lunchtime.

The entrants were tasked with creating a culinary showstopper based on a book, and we experienced a wide variety of literary-themed delicacies, such as “Banana Karenina,” a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired cake and one based on James and the Giant Peach, all judged by Catering Manager Mrs Benn and Head Chef Mr Brace.  All of the happy audience gorged on cakes, and lived happily ever after! You can see the winner, Matron, discuss her showstopper in a video here.

Earlier in the day, Years 7 and 8 enjoyed the chance to Drop Everything And Read for the first ten minutes of lessons, while everyone visiting the Senior School Library had opportunity to match the Selfie to the Shelfie – trying to guess which bookcase belonged to which member of staff.

Meanwhile the Prep School pupils, in their best cavemen and dinosaur costumes, were visited by Garry Parsons.

Garry had wanted to be an artist since he was tiny and is now an illustrator of children’s books, which to him is a “dream come true”. This World Book Day, he shared illustrations of several of his old books, as well as one that is soon to be published. After this, he treated the Lower and Upper Prep pupils to a workshop in illustrating. They were told to start by closing their eyes and simply drawing a scribble, which they would then transform into whatever they imagined it to be.

While we were there we saw some inspiring ideas. Masterpieces such as snakes, cereal and cats sporting afros all made an appearance. We wonder what story next year’s World Book Day will tell?

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