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Starting School in September


In the last few days parents across Suffolk and Essex found out where their child has been offered a place of starting their reception year at primary school. It can be an exciting but somewhat daunting time – the start of your child’s first school years, and choosing the best learning environment for them is an important decision.

National Offer Day (18 April 2017) is a time of excitement for many but also disappointment if your child did not get in to your first choice school. However there are always options available. It is not too late to consider a place at an independent school.

At Ipswich Preparatory School we have lots of enquiries by parents looking for an Early Years place at school. At Ipswich Prep, pupils’ learning is challenging and fun, with a wide range of co-curricular activities to choose from – including clubs such as sewing, cooking, percussion and skiing

Classes are small and our curriculum is broad and balanced. We have purpose-built facilities, green fields and the best in sport, drama and music venues. We provide after school care with a range of pick up times available, making things a bit easier for busy parents. We also have buses bringing pupils to the school from across Suffolk and North-East Essex for those who live a little further away.

The school prides itself on having a caring school community with an exemplary approach to pastoral care. Pupils also have the opportunity to learn new subjects, including Russian and Latin, that they have the chance of studying in the Senior School. And there is no better preparation for entry into the Senior School than being at the Prep.

Ipswich Prep School currently has places available from Nursery to Year 5. Please contact Mrs Kate Frankland, Prep Admissions Manager, for further information: 01473 281302, prepadmissions@ipswich.school

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