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Chemistry Olympiad 2023

The Chemistry Olympiad is a yearly competition, held in late January, that acts as the first round in the selection of the British team for the International Chemistry Olympiad.

Consisting of a two hour paper on both familiar and novel material, it is an excellent opportunity for our Year 13 students to test their logic and problem solving skills in Chemistry. This year over 11,000 pupils entered across the country. Alfie F, Luca G J and Asmee M all achieved gold certificates, putting them in the top 9% of the year. Asmee’s score placed her in the top 0.5%, a fantastic achievement. Well done to all three pupils.

Dr D Johnson, Chemistry Teacher

Ipswich Prep School
Aaliyah Grant

Prep Art Exhibition wows

The creative energy of our students shone brightly throughout the year, culminating in the spectacular Celebration Day Art Exhibition. We were delighted to welcome parents

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