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Senior School

The latest news, stories and pictures from Director of Co-Curricular, Mrs Boyle

Welcome to our interviews with Old Ipswichians who have continued to shine in the co-curricular world after their time at the school. 

Over the years our co-curricular provision has grown and offered many opportunities to our pupils to follow their passions wherever they may lie.  Whilst many pupils relish their involvement in such activities during their time outside the classroom at Ipswich School, it is our aspiration that they will become lifelong passions.  

Several of our former pupils have even made these co-curricular passions their profession.  Whether they are appearing on the stage, competing on the sports field, a member of the Armed Forces or performing in the music world, we have many Old Ipswichians who have really interesting journeys to share with us all in the school community.  Their stories may inspire others to follow in their footsteps. 

Tracy Boyle, Director of Co-Curriculum

Interview with Midge Parry – June 2019

Interview with Francis Goodhand – December 2019

Interview with Ollie Ward – May 2020