Current projects

The Lingwood Pavilion at Westwood

Thanks to the generosity of Old Ipswichian Nigel Lingwood, who was at School between 1966 &1977, we have a new sports pavilion overlooking the artificial sports pitch at Westwood Boarding House.

The new building, with its balcony overlooking the pitch, provides a marvellous view of the play area, as well as changing rooms, lavatories, showers, kitchen and social space. Playing and watching hockey and tennis at Westwood will now be a delight.  Thank you Nigel.

A New Music School for the Britten Faculty of Music

The campaign for a new music school to house Ipswich School’s Britten Faculty of Music was launched back in June 2012.  Parents, OIs and Friends of the School raised over £1.2m towards the cost and the building, featuring state-of-the-art teaching and practice rooms is now in use.  It is a magnificent addition to the campus and we are hugely grateful to all who have made it possible.

To finish the project we need to find another £2m for the second phase, the concert hall.  This will provide dedicated performance space for Music, overcoming the difficulties of having to compete with the many conflicting demands upon Great and Little Schools.  It is hoped the concert hall will also enable us to strengthen our outreach, bringing pupils from other schools to concerts and workshops here.

Foundation Bursary Fund

The Foundation Bursary Fund was established in 2006 as a direct result of the generosity of an Old Ipswichian who wrote, “I know how hard it was for my parents to pay the fees when my brother and I were at Ipswich School and I am delighted that, as a result of a successful business career, I have been able to support the Bursary Fund and enable a pupil to benefit from what Ipswich School has to offer in the same way as I did.” The first bursary was quickly added to in 2009 when the second Foundation Bursary Fund pupil started in Year 7. A further pupil moved into Westwood as a full boarder in year 12 the following year and the first Ogden Trust scholar into the Sixth Form in September 2010.

Further Foundation bursaries have continued to be awarded since then, including that funded by the legacy kindly given to us by Old Ipswichian Tony Greengrass.

Phoenix Fund

The Phoenix Fund was launched in December 2012 to provide assistance for those who, thorough a change in circumstance, find the future of their children’s education at Ipswich School in jeopardy. The naming of the Fund is apt for many reasons – the phoenix was often associated with Queen Elizabeth 1, who confirmed the School’s Royal Charter nearly 450 years ago. The Queen is portrayed wearing a phoenix jewel and contemporary verse alludes to ‘her phoenix motto of Semper Eadem’ – the motto which we now hold to be our own.

Most importantly the Phoenix also symbolises how, from the ashes of misfortune, we hope to help families to access what might have otherwise become unaffordable – the continuation of an Ipswich School education and all the opportunities that this will bring.

OIs Bob and Roger Porter, early donors to the Phoenix Fund, wrote, ‘Perhaps pupils today will be as lucky as we were to get the great start in life that we had the great fortune to enjoy as a result of an Ipswich School education.’


The Development Programme has been fortunate to have secured support from a range of individuals and companies in the form of sponsorship. Sponsorship income has made a significant impact in our ability to keep prices of tickets to events at the School as low as possible. Sponsorship has also enabled both the Senior and Prep Schools to purchase additional equipment across music, drama and sport.

The Festival of Music at Ipswich School

The Festival has managed to secure over £50,000 worth of sponsorship since the first Festival in 2010 and we are enormously grateful to our sponsors. This income has allowed us to attract top international acts, as well as keep ticket prices low. To have artists such as The King's Singers, Julian Lloyd Webber, Chloe Hanslip, Dame Emma Kirkby, La Serenissima, Red Priest and The British Paraorchestra, amongst others, is inspirational.