Legacy Giving

Leaving a legacy to Ipswich School is a very special and personal way or providing opportunities for our pupils, and one which has been favoured by many generous benefactors throughout the course of the School's history. Leaving a legacy, no matter how small or large, will enable you to play a part in the future of Ipswich School and provides an opportunity to support Ipswich School which may not have been possible in your lifetime.

Whether your gift is used to support our aim of widening access to an education at Ipswich School through bursary support, or by helping to fund a specific project or area of learning that holds special meaning to you, you can be assured that your generosity will make a difference.

If you wish to let us know of your intention to leave a legacy gift to Ipswich School you will become a much valued member of The Elizabethan Society, established as a means of recognizing and thanking all those who have informed the School of their legacy intentions. Although membership is confidential, it holds annual events for its members as well as regular communications and enables the School to show its appreciation to its testamentary benefactors.

Ipswich School is a Registered Charity so any legacy bequest made to the School does not incur Inheritance Tax. In addition, current legislation (effective April 2012) means a legacy of 10% of your net estate also reduces the Inheritance Tax from 40% to 36%, which could be of significant value to other beneficiaries.

Leaving a legacy can be done in many ways and it is important that you seek the advice of a Solicitor to ensure that your decision is right for both you and your family. However, members of the Development Office are always happy to discuss legacies in general terms, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.