The Elizabethan Society (Legacy Club)

The Elizabethan Society was formed to recognise those who have indicated that they are leaving a legacy to Ipswich School. In the past, the School has been unaware of legacy pledges, meaning legators have not been thanked during their lifetime. The Elizabethan Society makes this possible; recognition will be via regular communication and an annual Elizabethan Society event to which all legators will be invited.

The first meeting of the Elizabethan Society members was held in March 2007 with an annual event being held to thank members for including the School in their wills. The format of each event has changed each year with the first Benefactors Evensong & Supper taking place in 2010 to thank not only the members of the Elizabethan Society but all donors and volunteers who have supported the Development Programme.

A legacy is free from Inheritance Tax by virtue of the fact that Ipswich School is a registered charity. In light of recent legislation, effective April 2012, a legacy of 10% of your next estate also reduces the Inheritance Tax from 40% – 36%. On larger estates this can prove significant to other beneficiaries.

We would ask you please to consider leaving a legacy to Ipswich School to ensure that the School remains at the forefront of education for future generations of Ipswichians. Every pledge, no matter how large or small, will make a difference. It is also strongly advised that professional legal advice be sought in deciding how best to arrange your affairs.

Over £800,000 has been pledged by 32 members so far.