The OI Club seeks to assist OIs and future OIs (that is, current pupils) in work and career matters.  Many Ois offer assistance, in the form of general comments, pointers, work experience and sometimes internships.  The guidance and advice of OIs has proved to be a great help to many other OIs over the year.

At the moment, the assistance is provided either by formal gatherings (such as career fairs), by meetings at OI events, by an email enquiry, or via a LinkedIn careers section on the OI Club page.

For OIs:

LinkedIn group, which offers advice/support for OIs looking to make career choices.  Offers a forum for OIs to ask questions. There is a chance to seek placements/experience but this is not the main focus.  NB that as currently formulated there is a single LinkedIn group whose primary purpose is to enable former pupils/staff to reconnect and to stay in touch (and which acts as an extra “route to market” for OI news etc) and hence the careers element is an adjunct to that rather than the key purpose.

For school pupils:

LinkedIn group as above – focus on support/advice rather than specific placement requests. Group is open to school careers offices and they can make direct requests etc on the site or route through Rob Harden. The group effectively can act as an extra database of 305+ OIs who may be able to help

Support arranged directly by the school dev/careers offices – placements, speakers, stands at fairs etc.

For further information, to seek assistance, or to offer it, please visit the OI Careers LinkedIn page.