Ethos and aims


At Ipswich School we recognise and welcome the range and diversity of our pupils; we are a fully co-educational School catering for young people from the age of 2 to 18. Our atmosphere is conducive to study and we expect pupils to be cooperative, well-motivated and show commitment to their learning in order to achieve their full potential. We actively encourage pupils personal development; there are a variety of clubs and societies throughout the School which afford the opportunity of acquiring new interests and complementing pupils academic studies. These range from the obvious choices available in sport, music and drama to other outdoor activities and indoor pursuits.

Considerable emphasis is placed on Pastoral Care, from helping newcomers to settle in, monitoring academic progress and encouraging personal development. Form Teachers play an important role in the pastoral structure of the school. Lower Prep pupils follow the Golden Rules and Upper Prep pupils follow Our Rules and children are regularly reminded of these rules. We place importance on the House system which is an excellent vehicle to help the children develop.

Our most recent report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) for the senior school, conducted in October 2008, praised our considerable emphasis on pupils' social development, our good partnership with parents and our very good links with the community. The ISI also applauded our hard-working staff who are strongly committed to all-round education and the care and welfare of their pupils. Our staff are approachable and foster co-operation with pupils within a happy environment. ISI described Prep pupils as supportive of each other, courteous, helpful and friendly.

Religious Ethos

Ipswich School's Christian foundations are evident in its life in a number of ways. The School's Chaplain leads an assembly in the School Chapel each week for Upper Prep pupils; these assemblies explore spiritual and other issues in a way which is accessible to pupils of all faiths and of none. The School holds an annual Harvest Festival Service, Carol Service and Spring Service for Upper Prep children and families and a Leavers' Service for Year 6 at the end of the school year. There is a family service held on a Sunday for the whole of the Prep and their families if they wish to attend.


Given our Ethos as described above, our Aims are to encourage our pupils to become balanced, confident, considerate and fulfilled individuals within the community by:

  • helping them to extend their academic horizons. We encourage them to be well-motivated, independent and self disciplined and to work productively with their fellow pupils
  • equipping them with the personal and social skills that will help them work and relax with others and encouraging them to consider moral and spiritual values and to develop a spirit of service within the community
  • preparing them for both the world of leisure and the world of work by developing sporting skills and physical fitness and an interest in cultural and artistic expression. 
Given these aims we:

  • encourage pupils to set themselves high standards. We stress the virtue of hard work, service to others, and the importance of doing one's best both within and outside the classroom
  • provide a high quality of teaching, pastoral care and resources
  • introduce pupils to a wide range of activities in addition to their academic studies
  • give pupils the opportunity to act on their own initiative and to take on appropriate responsibility.
School Aims first published in 1994 and reviewed periodically.