A Lower School Pupil

7.00 am - I wake up, prepare for School and have my breakfast.

7.35 am - Time to leave my house to catch the bus to School. The bus journeys are good fun and give you some time to catch up with your mates.

8.30 am - The bus arrives at School and I have a few minutes before we have to go and register in our form groups.

8.40 am - We all register in our form groups and if we have time we occasionally play a game or talk about what is going on around School.

9.05 am - My first period of the day is Physics. We are learning about light and at the moment we are mid-way through a practical to show how light refracts through an object.

10.30 am - Break time. Another chance to talk to friends and gets some delicious cookies from the tuck shop!

10.50 am - It's Maths, where we are learning about the area and circumference of circles. Our teacher gives us good notes to write down and then we get to do some of our own questions to see if we know what we are doing. Now we have History in which we are learning about the Tudor period. The lessons are good fun but we have to write an essay at the end of it!

12.10 - Lunchtime where you can choose from a wide variety of delicious foods. Today I am having carbonara. 

12.40 pm - My final lesson before break is Latin. Our teacher is taking us through the dative case which is confusing at first, but the way she explains things allows you to understand very quickly.

1.20 pm - Break time now which lasts for 40 minutes, this is when we get changed for Games in the afternoon.

2.05 pm - Now we have to register with our Games teacher and get ready to get on the minibuses to take us up to the newly-opened Ipswich School Sports Centre at Rushmere, on the edge of Ipswich. This term we are doing hockey and we are training for the national finals. The facilities are a really high standard and allow us to train to the best of our ability. The coaches are also excellent and allow us to progress to really high levels.

4.15 pm - Back at School and ready to board our buses back home.

5.00 pm - I return home and am soon doing PSC which we get every night to be completed for the next lesson. (PSC is what we call homework - it is either a preparation, consolidation or a stretching piece of work - hence the initials!)

9.00 pm - Check social media one last time and go to bed.

A Lower School Pupil