Policy Downloads

Welcome to this information page which provides essential details for parents about some of the School’s policies.  We hope that by placing the key documents on the website, parents will have a central place in which to find these policies should they need to access this information.  If you would like further information, please contact the relevant school office.


You can see Prep School policies here.

Preparatory School Development Plan

The Governors and Head have published their vision for the School together with a set of values to underpin all school development. The Preparatory School Development Plan seeks to implement that vision and uphold those values.  The document below is a summary of the School Development Plan (PrepDP)  which is written as a working document and was first produced in September 2010.  It is not written for a fixed period of time (as in the traditional model of 5 year development plans), but is intended to be revised and updated showing progress and subsequent on-going plans.

To view the Preparatory School Development Plan click here.