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Careers & Universities

Deputy Head of Sixth Form and Head of Careers: Andrew Calver
Head of Middle School Careers: Sean Boyle
Assistant Head of Sixth Form (Careers): Beth Fredrikssen-Jones
Careers Officer: Stephanie Levick

Ipswich School Policy on AS Subjects and A Level exams – click this link for more information

The Careers Department is headed by two members of the teaching staff, one for the Middle School and one for the Sixth Form. They are supported by our Careers Assistant, who is based in the careers office, located at the heart of the School and which serves as a drop-in centre for the pupils. The School also benefits from a partnership with COA (Cambridge Occupational Analysis) which provides independent careers advice.

“The well-resourced careers office is staffed throughout the day.  Informative booklets, practice interviews, advice from tutors and former pupils, conventions and exhibitions help pupils applying to university. Pupils applying during their gap year are also provided with significant advice and guidance.” Independent Schools Inspectorate Report 2014

The careers staff offer advice about options within school, about choice of universities and about careers. They contribute to our PSHE programme from Year 10 onwards and work closely with the Head of Sixth Form, supporting students’ applications to university. The School enjoys close links with a range of employers, including local businesses and through parental and Old Ipswichian contacts. Pupils are therefore fortunate to receive practical advice, help with interviews and CVs and work experience. Most Year 11 pupils participate in a post-GCSE work experience programme. We are also fortunate to enjoy close links with a range of universities, and governors representing these institutions are particularly valuable in offering up-to-date advice.

A great deal of support is given to students applying to universities. Every student will spend time with their tutor, housemaster or mistress and usually a subject expert looking at the different courses on offer and helping them craft their all-important personal statement. We provide interview practice for those applying to Oxford and Cambridge and for medical or veterinary courses. Their final application is checked by at least two experienced members of staff and the success rate in getting students to the university or college of their choice is excellent.

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