Careers 2018 Exhibition 

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Great School and Little School, Ivry Street, Ipswich


The Careers 2018 Exhibition on Tuesday 13 March at Ipswich School provides an opportunity for pupils to explore some of the wide careers options that the world has to offer and to get them thinking about life after school.

The exhibition is a good chance to talk informally to people and is a chance to discuss with employers their expectations and the numerous pathways to success. It provides an opportunity to network and explore routes to gain future work experience, possible GAP year and apprenticeship opportunities.

The event is open to pupils from Year 9 upwards, from Ipswich School and other local high schools.  It runs from 7pm to 8.45pm, with entrance to the Great School and Little School exhibition halls off Ivry Street.

Employment areas confirmed include:

Accountancy and Finance
Architecture and Building Construction
Careers Guidance
Communications and Technology
Higher Education and Student Finance
Gap Year
PR, Advertising and Marketing