Ipswich School Policy for AS Subjects

School Modular AS Policy

School policy is not to certificate at AS.

School Linear AS Policy

With the advent of linear exams, school policy is that we do not enter pupils for AS exams unless they specifically request this.  Students at Ipswich School study 4 A Levels in Year 12, with the majority dropping to 3 in Year 13.  Predicted grades have been informed by rigorous internal assessment via end of year exams.

IGCSE English Language - Summer 2015

Ipswich School undertook Stage 1 and Stage 2 Appeals against CIE over the marking and reviewing of IGCSE English Language for summer 2015. Our 130 students had averaged 1.4 grades lower on English Language compared to English Literature, with many students achieving their worst overall grade in English Language. The School’s appeals were rejected but the general extent of dissatisfaction amongst schools was so great that HMC subsequently commissioned a survey of 53 HMC/GSA members in early 2016, which was summarised in a report by Peter Mason. Click here to read the report.  

The findings included:

• Over 200 of the independent school candidates sitting Paper 2 were awarded unclassified (U) grades even though ‘many of these students would never have achieved less than A grade in any examination they had ever taken’.   (Report, p.10)
• This exam paper (Paper 2) ‘showed a grade profile completely out of line with the abilities of candidates’.   (p. 4)
• The difference separating grade A and grade C was only 4 (raw) marks.
• A ‘huge disparity’ occurred in grades awarded depending on the combination of papers taken by each candidate that cannot be otherwise explained (the ability profile of the different groups being very similar).   (p. 7)

This last point was particularly applicable to students at Ipswich School, who sat components 04 and 21, which resulted in lower average marks than for students taking other combinations of papers.

25 of our students resat Paper 21 in November 2015. On average, their score rose by 1.5 grades.

We would ask that universities take these findings into account when considering making offers of places to students of Ipswich School.