Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Award is a programme of personal development that is respected internationally. There are three Awards - Bronze, Silver, and Gold - and at Ipswich School we offer training for all three. It is entirely voluntary and is pursued in pupils' free time and not as an alternative to community service, CCF and our other Thursday activities. The participants choose one activity under each of these headings: service, skills, physical recreation and expedition (plus a residential project for the Gold Award).

Nearly half of our Year 9 pupils enrol in the Bronze award. They undertake their training, in the lunchtime, from Easter through to the summer holidays. The practice expedition takes place locally in September and the qualifying expedition shortly afterwards, along the Suffolk coast. Pupils who have completed or are near completion of the Bronze Award by Christmas in Year 10 have the opportunity to enrol on the Silver Award. They start their training during the Lent term and undertake a practice expedition in Suffolk during March. The qualifying expedition takes place in the Wye Valley.

The Gold Award is offered in the Sixth Form and recently has seen expeditions to Northern Spain and Morocco.