Interview with Midge Parry - June 2019

On a cold Monday evening in January, Imogen Parry (aka Midge) returned to Ipswich School to answer my questions, wearing the biggest smile. She is incredibly excited about her new job with The Swingles, formerly known as The Swingle Singers who were founded in the '60s and are five times Grammy Award winners. They are a London-based vocal group who perform primarily a cappella. She has wanted to be in this group since she was three years old and she remembers doobey-doobey-dooing along to their scat songs from her earliest years. Her first project with the group is their tour to the US and Canada with the Swingles.

When were you at the school and who was the Headmaster?
I joined the school in Year 9 in 2008, having attended The Latymer School in London until then.  Ian Galbraith was the Headmaster and Nick Weaver arrived when I was in Year 11.

Which House did you belong to and who was your Head of House?
I belonged to and was Senior Prefect in Holden as my father is an OI and our Housemaster (the previous name for the Head of House) was Mike Bannan; he retired and was succeeded by Jonathan Orbell.

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