Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The CCF is one of our most popular Thursday activities. Cadets join in Year 10, making a two year commitment with the option of continuing in the Sixth Form. Whether in the Army or the RAF section, they learn a range of military skills and participate in a variety of leadership and teamwork exercises.

On our Field Days they have the opportunity to visit military bases, including opportunities for field craft, shooting and flying (RAF). Cadets are encouraged to take on responsibility as NCOs, organising activities and, in the process, improving their self-confidence, Leadership and presentation skills.

Cadets from Ipswich School have distinguished themselves by winning gliding scholarships, inter-school competitions and generous university sponsorship's. Significant numbers have gone on to join the Armed Services.

The aim of the CCF is to provide a disciplined organisation through which cadets may develop qualities of endurance, resourcefulness, self-reliance, leadership, responsibility and a sense of public service. The Service (military) training that we do is used as a framework through which these aims can be realised. We also invest a good deal of time on a considerable amount of “non-military” training, such as command tasks, leaderless tasks and adventurous training.

For further details about the Ipswich School CCF, please contact Squadron Leader Welbourne or SSI Rackham.