Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme is a co-curricular activity available to Sixth Formers on a Thursday afternoon. Sixth Form is a time of transition when young adults prepare for the highly competitive environment outside school. In addition to acquiring strong academic qualifications students must also develop a range of 'people-skills' that allow them to be effective as a leader and as a team player. To prepare for university and a successful working life students need to equip themselves with the skills to work effectively in a range of situations. 

As a school we have, for some time, been keenly aware of these issues and our curriculum is constantly evolving in anticipation of and in response to them. The Leadership Programme complements and enhances what we already offer within an innovative framework designed to enhance university and job applications. Students study for a qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management which is normally only available to individuals who are already working in management. External speakers and advisors bring breath and expertise to the programme. During this one year course they set up and run their own ‘Young Enterprise’ company, providing them with the opportunity to apply the theory they have learnt. Students also take part in the Student Investor Challenge which is a UK wide investment game run by the Institute of Fiscal Studies School of Finance. 

The ‘Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management’ introduces students to the importance of working effectively as part of a team. Self-motivation is discussed, leadership theories are taught and students learn to give effective presentations. The Leadership Programme provides students with the opportunity to develop these skills throughout the year.

The practical experience students gain by setting up and running their own business through the ‘Young Enterprise’ programme is invaluable. This is an opportunity for Sixth Formers to take control, be innovative, entrepreneurial and have fun. The best way to learn is by doing it for yourself. The students’ learning curve is steep as they conduct market research, design products, negotiate with suppliers, write press releases and become a salesperson. The key challenge is to bring it all together and work effectively as a team running a real company. 
The Leadership Programme is an innovative co-curricular activity that equips students with a qualification, set of skills and personal qualities designed to make them stand out from the crowd.