We Will Rock You

School Production 4 - 5 December 2014

Performance presented by permission of www.schoolswillrockyou.com

It was an escape from reality for over 60 pupils as they took to the stage to perform the schools' version of We Will Rock You.  Featuring the songs of Queen and a cast dressed as Vivienne Westwood inspired punk rockers and fashionistas, the production told the story of a future Earth, where musical instruments are banned and hit songs are scheduled years in advance.  A group of rebels – the Bohemians – dream of a return to making music and find a ‘poor boy from a poor family’ to bring back rock and roll.

Pupils from Years 10 to 13 were involved in all aspects of the show, providing the live music in the band and the technical crew, as well as on stage performing. The costumes were made up of over 500 pieces of costume, all made by Ms Henrichs, Wardrobe Supervisor/Production Assistant.

Director Lindsey Ward, the school’s Head of Drama, said: “Preparing for such a big production has been an amazing journey for all concerned.  The pupils have relished the opportunity to sing the Queen hits, and are looking forward to some audience participation in the big numbers. Tickets sold out in record time, there was a full house each night and an enthusiastic audience.  There were villains and heroes, comedy, tragedy and a grand finale!”