Joseph Brierley

The Euro – doomed to failure?

Tuesday 19 September 2017 - Joseph Brierly, Year 13

Joseph is studying economics with a view to reading the subject at university. He will be examining the strengths and weaknesses of sharing a common currency, reflecting on the success of the euro.


My Grandfather’s Watch

Wednesday 4 October 2017 - Nick Bowman-Scargill, OI

Nick is CEO of Fears Watches, a family company that he resurrected after several years working for Rolex. He will be discussing the technology of creating heirloom watches as well as the skills needed to launch a business in the contemporary market.

The Russian Revolution 100 years on - a fresh perspective

Thursday 19 October 2017

The History and Russian departments collaborate to analyse 100 years of Russian history, considering whether the objectives of the revolution have been achieved and reflecting on the state of Russia now. Teachers and students will work together to present the lecture.

'Sold like a bullock in Smithfield’: The Hintlesham Murder 1834 – Poaching, Policing and the Criminal Law

Tuesday 14 November 2017 - Dr Harvey Osborne, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Suffolk

Dr Harvey Osborne is the Course Leader for History at the University of Suffolk. He is a social historian of modern Britain, with a particular interest in rural history. His talk focusses on a specific incident of violent crime to highlight processes of criminal investigation in the late-Georgian countryside before the creation of borough and county constabularies. It includes the role of a semi-professionalised parish constabulary in a large and complex murder investigation and reconstructs the process of prosecution and trial in an assize hearing. Through a reading of the trial evidence it will also examine questions relating to aspects of contemporary experience of the hours of darkness, the urban-rural divide and the operation of provincial poaching gangs. It will also show how a provincial felony case contributed to wider contemporary debates about the reform of the criminal justice system and criminal code in a critical period in the development of English criminal justice system.

Elizabeth Head

The Modern Population Crisis

Tuesday 12 December 2017 - Elizabeth Head, Head Girl

This was the focus of Lizzie’s EPQ research. She will discuss and evaluate the effects of a ‘one child’ policy as a population control device and highlight the implications for contemporary China.


How we should live: navigating the 'Sea of Ethics'


Unfortunately this lecture, which was due to take place on Wednesday 17 January 2018, has been cancelled.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Lauren cross

Terminal exams. Terminal stress

Thursday 8 February 2018 - Lauren Cross, former Head of Psychology at Ipswich School

Lauren left us last summer to complete her Master’s degree in which she will be focusing on the impact of continual testing on the mental health of the young. This will be a presentation exploring the correlation between our current education system and the rising concerns about mental health issues.


Clarifying Complex Inheritance, from Mendel to Crick & Watson

Wednesday 7 March 2018 - Dr D Galton

An expert in his field, Dr Galton will explain Mendalian Genetics and consider the implications of eugenics as our ability to manipulate genes develops. Before retirement, Dr.D.J.Galton. was based at the Department of Human Metabolism and Genetics, St. Bartholomews Hospital London


The Implications of Climate Change

Wednesday 25 April 2018 - Daisy Gemmel and Oscar Taylor, Year 13

Our two keen geographers will be extending the scope of Daisy’s EPQ, considering the implications of climate change on the planet and the way in which we live. Is it too late to reverse some of the effects of our behaviour on the environment? How will we need to adapt to inevitable change?