Senior School


Communication between school and home about pupils’ progress takes many forms. There are regular assessments of pupils’ Effort and Achievement and also more detailed written reports; in each year there is generally a Full Report and a Summary Report. These comment on pupils’ personal development and involvement in extra-curricular activities as well as their academic progress. In each year there is also a Parents’ Evening at which pastoral staff as well as teachers are present.

Parents are kept informed about school events and pupils’ achievements through a weekly newsletter, The Occasional, by news items on our website and by the Headmaster’s end of term letters. The Headmaster also gives an annual report on Speech Day.

Teachers welcome opportunities to meet or talk with parents less formally, at sports fixtures, plays or concerts. We hope that parents will always feel free to contact us if they have a concern or query.

“There are many opportunities for parents to be involved with the work and progress of their son and daughter in fulfilment of the school’s ambition to form a triangular partnership with parents.  Strong and supportive relationships are evident.”  Independent Schools Inspectorate Report 2014