The Ipswich School Lectures 2017

One of the most popular of our academic events are the Ipswich School Lecture.  While the main audience are our pupils, parents and interested members of the public, and pupils from other schools, are warmly invited to come along, too. These lectures are given by leading academics, teachers at Ipswich School and also our own Sixth Form students. Lectures are held in Great School, from 5-6pm. Refreshments will be served from 4.30pm, all are welcome.

The most recent lecture was held on Tuesday 25 April - Richard Wagner: The Man, his Music, and his Beliefs. Year 12 student Harrison Cole gave a lecture on one of the most controversial artistic figures in history: the German composer Richard Wagner. The lecture explored his life, his work and his beliefs, Wagner’s revolutionary artistic aesthetic; Wagner’s anti-Semitism and his relation to Hitler and the Nazis was also covered.

Other lectures which have taken place this academic year include:

The Auschwitz Experience by Nikhil Sharma & Ellie Dunning, Year 13    
17 January 2017

"DIY DNA: the potential for small scale genomics" by Tom McAllister, Head Boy, 7
February 2017

The Simpsons, a river, a puzzle and the next dimension by Nicholas Weaver, Headmaster
9 March 2017

with more to follow... watch this space.

These lectures are just one example of the additional extension opportunities offered throughout the year to Ipswich School pupils as part of our Academic Excellence Programme. Pupils are also encouraged to take part in activities such as essay competitions, Olympiads and Maths Challenges organised by our academic departments.