Art and Design

Art and Design at Ipswich School is a popular, successful and immensely rewarding subject, opening up a multitude of opportunities for further study such as Foundation, Fine Art, Fashion, Textiles, Graphic Design and Architecture degrees.

The aim of the department is to offer a rich and challenging artistic journey through a free and adventurous approach. Pupils are exposed to taking creative risks, choose challenging subject matter and explore the potential of materials. They benefit from opportunities to study Art first hand by gallery visits.

We place a great emphasis on drawing skills and a key feature of our teaching is the use of still-life installations. The focus on responding to direct visual stimulus ensures pupils really develop their observational skills. Our projects encourage pupils to be more confident artists, nurturing creative talent.

In addition to lessons pupils enjoy extracurricular workshops, weekly art clubs and lunchtime drop-ins. Our enthusiastic and capable members of staff demonstrate their passion for teaching which helps pupils produce an energy and enjoyment in the production of their work. Our staff specialise in Textiles, Painting, Printing, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Photoshop, Ceramics, Film-Making and Architecture.

Lower School

We are very lucky to have small class sizes for Lower School Art. Class work is based on themes that cover the basic elements of line, shape, colour, tone and texture. Pupils enjoy working with a range of materials including paint, print, drawing, collage, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, textiles and ICT. Trips to Ipswich Museum and local galleries are built into lesson time. The popular Sketchbook Challenge at the end of the summer term provides the perfect end to an exciting year!

Middle School

The Edexcel GCSE course encourages an adventurous and enquiring approach to Art using powers of observation and analytical skills. Projects build on skills gained earlier in the school. Pupils study drawing and painting techniques, printmaking, digital manipulation, textiles and sculpture and may specialise in one of these areas. At the end of Year 11 there is a GCSE exhibition which is a celebration of the pupils’ work. We aim to make pupils confident, expressive and independent artists, whose work is fuelled by their passions and experiences in life.

Sixth Form

Students studying A Level Art are involved in a wide variety of artistic experiences within a clearly constructed course taught by subject specialists. A wide variety of media and techniques will be explored in Year 12 following tailor-made workshops which encourage our students to create individual original outcomes. One-to-one teacher discussions are hugely influential in underpinning the development of individual outcomes in Year 13. Students, liaising with staff, set their own personal creative journey. The Edexcel A Level course engages students with aesthetic and intellectual concepts through the use of traditional and digital media, materials, techniques and processes. Drawing continues to be an essential part of the developmental process. Numerous gallery visits enable students to study art first hand, and our workshops expose them to a wider range of artistic techniques.