Economics and Business Studies

Economics and Business are always in the headlines. In recent years much attention has been directed at issues such as fair trade, business ethics, global warming and the recent recession and recovery. The study of how markets work and knowledge of the national economy is essential to understanding the world in which students will eventually live and work. The relevance of these subjects makes them a fascinating addition to any choice of A Levels.

“It is the greatest good to the greatest number of people which is the measure of right and wrong” Jeremy Bentham.

Students develop a greater understanding of financial markets and will be quicker to realise how much the taxman (or woman) is taking from their salary. Economics will equip students with the skills to participate successfully in the increasingly knowledge-based and interdependent global economy of the twenty-first century. Business success and failure is continually evolving in a fascinating way and the department is dynamic in making these ideas come alive in the classroom.


The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones” John Maynard Keynes.

The A Level course is taught creatively to enable students to involve themselves fully in lessons. They develop skills that employers consistently find valuable – communications, writing and analysis, numeracy and business acumen. The department is always keen to involve outside speakers who are able to inject a flavour of current hot topics; for example, why have the earnings of top directors caused such controversy? Can such high rewards be justified? Why do we have an inflation target in the UK of 2% and how easy is that to achieve? Why did the government introduce tuition fees for university courses? We make varied use of technology within the classroom and beyond using Podcasts and other audio and visual media. They have the opportunity to enter the IFS Student Investor Competition and The Bank of England’s Target 2.0 Competition as well as to attend their Student Conference. Our students go on to graduate to fields as diverse as teaching, law, journalism, advertising and finance.

This AQA course has no coursework or controlled assessment units. It is not necessary for students to have studied GCSE Economics before starting work on this specification and no prior knowledge of economics is necessary.


A Level Business gives students a clear view of how a business operates.  On this AQA course, students will learn about the challenges of starting a business, enterprise, the management of people, communication and motivation, operations management, marketing and competition as well as finance management. In the second year the strategic decisions of large businesses are studied and a good business student will be able to make strong decisions and back them up with real life examples and good analysis of the likely outcomes.