Drama & Theatre Studies

Drama is a symbolic language that enables young people to model life and to examine its complexities. Throughout the year we create opportunities for pupils of all ages to take part in a diverse range of productions. Recent productions include We Will Rock You, Medea and Blood Wedding in the Middle School and Arabian Nights and Beauty and The Beast in the Lower School. The 39 Steps and The Long Road were directed and produced by Sixth Form students who are responsible for all aspects of a production at this level.

“Imagining what it is like to be someone other than yourself is at the core of our humanity. It is the essence of compassion and the beginning of morality” Ian McEwan

Through drama, pupils encounter good writing, talented authors and meaningful characters. They learn self-discipline by memorising lines, attending rehearsals and working to deadlines. The risk and excitement of live performance encourages them to take responsibility while working as part of a team, whether on stage or providing technical support. Drama can provide the most memorable experiences in a pupil’s school career and foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Lower School

The introduction of core dramatic techniques and theatre conventions provides pupils with the tools to explore a range of stimuli: music, poetry, art, stories, plays and issues. This history of theatre is also brought to life through practical improvisations. Pupils are encouraged to become creative thinkers, clear communicators and confident performers.

Middle School

At GCSE the drama student learns to evaluate as well as to create and perform. They devise work that explores themes and issues, as well as taking a script from the page to the stage through either acting or design. They begin to work more critically by becoming theatre reviewers in their own right.

“Drama has helped me to grow, not only as a performer but also as a person. It has filled me with confidence and ambition, and affirmed my love for the subject which I had never loved that way before” Year 11 drama student

Sixth Form

We follow the Edexcel A Level Drama and Theatre Studies course which gives students an excellent balance between practical and theory work across a range of genres.

In the Sixth Form pupils take ownership of the Drama Enrichment course and its flexibility allows it to be designed around the individual interests of each group of students. Some groups have chosen to follow a GCSE course, or created a theatre company; others have followed an AS course or worked on LAMDA pieces. Students have creative freedom and make exciting and responsible choices at this level.

“Thank you for letting us have so much freedom; I don’t think many drama teachers would be brave enough” Sixth Form student

In drama, with great risk comes great reward.