In Physics pupils learn how to carry out experiments, using Maths as a toolkit for analysis and English for communicating ideas and findings fluently.

The Physics department strongly believes in the value of active participation to aid learning and this underpins our teaching at every level. Practical work is at the core of our teaching. Pupils are also offered regular opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities, which include the following: LEGO Robotics Club and Competition at Duxford; the Year 9 Academically Excellent Interschool Competition; the Experimental Fusion Reactor visit and the Rocket Building activity, to name just a few.

Lower School

The curriculum offers a broad coverage of materials to provide interest and a thorough preparation for the GCSE. Topics include measurement, energy, electricity, space, forces, magnetism, light, sound and speed. In Year 7 Physics is taught as part of the Principles of Science course, which integrates Physics, Biology and Chemistry, and in Year 8 it is taught as a single subject.

Middle School and GCSE

We follow the AQA specification as this offers a good degree of rigor with a breadth of subject knowledge that prepares pupils well for study at A level. Two Physics clinics are offered every week, with additional support for those who are recognised as needing it through regular exam practice.

Sixth Form

We follow the OCR-A Physics A Level course. There is no longer any coursework, however there is an endorsement of students’ practical skills. We will continue to teach the subject with practical experiences at the core of the lessons. All students are expected to study Maths as well. More able students will be given the opportunity to study for a practical project qualification and enter the Physics Olympiads.