Chemistry A Level

Head of Department: Mr Daniel Halford-Thompson

Chemistry is the central science with an impact on all facets of our lives and it is a fascinating field of study. Studying the behaviour of atoms, molecules and ions allows us to understand so many things that make up the world.

The Chemistry Department at Ipswich School helps students to acquire not only a powerful scientific understanding, but also the ability to analyse critically, ask pertinent questions and problem solve. In the Sixth Form, Chemistry is a popular option, being chosen by around forty students each year. We are a vibrant department and our aim is to make the subject stimulating and interesting by making links with everyday life. Students’ learning is enhanced by regular practical work.

What do you do in Chemistry?

Chemistry at A Level can be divided into three areas: Physical, Inorganic and Organic. You will follow the popular and well-resourced OCR A course. The development of practical skills is an integral part of the course and forms part of the final examinations.

At the end of Year 12, students showing great promise are entered for the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. This is a demanding paper that takes you significantly beyond the A Level specification and encourages you to think about science in the way you would at university.

In Year 13 you have an opportunity to take part in the especially challenging but ultimately rewarding Chemistry Olympiad, which stretches the most able A2 candidates and enables you to really demonstrate your scientific flair.

"Chemistry practicals are really interesting and directly support the theoretical work; things like synthesising and purifying aspirin and the oxidation of alcohols.”

Victoria, Year 13

Exam Results

Average of the A Level results in Chemistry achieved by Ipswich School students over the most recent three year period (2016, 2017 and 2018)

Chemistry - % A*- B = 74%