English Literature A Level

Head of Department: Ms Nicki Carter

English is at the core of who we are, where we have come from and how we communicate. The study of literature offers a window onto the extraordinarily diverse ways in which we have striven to understand ourselves and our place in the world. What could be more interesting, vital and enduringly pertinent?

Through the study of literature at A Level, you will continue to hone your writing skills, ensuring you can communicate with lucidity, but in a concise manner.

What do you do in English Literature?

The two year course enables a deeper, more forensic study of texts. Alongside a detailed study of one genre, spanning 250 years of literature, you will also read play texts, prose and poetry. Skills of comparison will be brought to the fore alongside delving into a contextual and critical understanding of each text.

You can expect engaging, interactive and motivating lessons. You will be expected to contribute to class discussions as well as making wider contributions to the English Department and Ipswich School. For example, Sixth Form students run the Dead Poets’ Society.

English Literature A Level has a coursework unit. A greater level of independence will be expected in Year 13 through this process.

The syllabus is embracing, thought-provoking and excellent preparation for degree-level study. Within seminar-style lessons, the relationship between teacher and student is consciously less formal; you will enjoy this subject if you enjoy exchanging ideas within a rigorous, supportive and good-humoured environment.

Exam Results

Average of the A Level results in English Literature achieved by Ipswich School students over the most recent three year period (2016, 2017 and 2018)

English Literature - % A*- B = 80%