Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) A Level

Head of Department: Ms Tracey Walker

“How should one live?” Socrates. In PRE we reflect on the answers given by great philosophers to Socrates’ question. For many people in the world religion plays a key part in their thinking and everyday lives. Studying various philosophies and religious teachings gives students a broader outlook, improves their abstract thinking and helps them to understand the motivations and personal perspectives of believers.

You will examine a variety of philosophical perspectives that give meaning to existence, and attempt to answer ultimate questions. You will embark on a challenging, stimulating and sometimes emotive journey, for which the department provides the key skills and resilience required.

What do you do in PRE?

At A Level the department offers a variety of ways to support students alongside teaching. There are opportunities for you to attend conferences, independent learning and peer teaching sessions, and revision days where department members share their experience of external examination marking.

Together with excellent teaching this guarantees an A Level course that is fascinating for students interested in philosophical and theological questions of meaning, purpose and truth. Universities have a high regard for the PRE A Level due to its challenging academic content and the implied ability to reason, debate, justify, empathise, enquire, research and write that is nurtured in all our students.

You will develop a range of skills in the course including: debating, analysing and evaluating arguments and points of view, structuring compelling essays, selecting and deploying a range of resources, independent research and critical thinking. The course studied is OCR H573 - Philosophy of Religion; Religion and Ethics; Developments in Christian Thought.

Exam Results

Average of the A Level results in PRE achieved by Ipswich School students over the most recent three year period (2016, 2017 and 2018)

PRE - % A*- B = 92%