Sixth Form Induction Day

Sixth Form Induction Day 1

”Full of nerves, I walked up to the entrance to the school and stepped inside. A name badge was waiting for me in reception, with my house and my form tutor’s name printed on it. Before long, we had filed into a large hall, where I was warmly greeted by Mr Morgan, the head of Broke House.

A student already at the school was assigned to me and I was given a guided tour of the school, focusing on the departments of the subjects I will be studying at A Level; this gave me a good insight into where I should go for each lesson once school started. One thing in particular that struck me was how friendly everyone was, which definitely helped me feel more at ease.

Slowly making our way into Great School, we sat down and Mr Weaver entered. He gave us all a kind welcome to Ipswich School and wished us well for the Sixth Form, which definitely made it feel more official: we were now a part of this school.

An induction day at a new school is always very exhilarating and I was starving by the time lunch came around, but it was well worth the wait. After lunch there were team-building exercises organised by the Senior Prefects, including guiding a blindfolded friend through an obstacle course and using pieces of guttering to guide a ball round a circuit. There were also some problem-solving tasks, which we enjoyed finding creative solutions to. I definitely feel like these helped us get more comfortable with each other, since we had to work together to complete them, and they added a fun twist to the end of the day. 

Unfortunately, it was time to go home and I said goodbye to all the people I had met, leaving reassured and excited about the year ahead.”


Edward, Year 12

Edward joined Ipswich School in Year 12 from another school