The Edge is an exciting new enrichment programme which will fill the gap that universities and employers have identified in the wider education of young people today.  Linear exams have been introduced to increase academic rigour, but to succeed in today’s competitive world, education must mean more than just exams.

The Edge is designed to give you the opportunity to study skills for life, promoting resilience and the ability to thrive in the world beyond school. The programme will be delivered to Sixth Form students over four lessons per fortnight in both Year 12 and 13. There will be whole year group sessions for careers, study skills, UCAS and other topics of interest. 

In addition you will take part in different six-week options on a rotation basis, with other students in your House. 

The programme for The Edge in 2019 is planned to include:  

ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) - A Level 3 award in leadership and management which includes understanding mental health in the workplace, understanding leadership and giving briefings and making presentations 

Cooking and nutrition skills  

The law including finance 

Digital lifestyle 

Travel and personal safety 

Health and fitness for life



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