Sport at Ipswich School

Ipswich School aims to create an environment that instills passion in sport. 

During the remote learning period following the Covid-19 pandemic, a detailed programme of sport and fitness activities has been introduced for Ipswich School pupils. This includes access to skills videos made by our coaching team, strength and conditioning activities and sports psychology. You can read more about these activities here.

We have superb sporting venues at Henley Road, Westwood and Notcutts. In 2015 we opened Ipswich School Sports Centre at Rushmere (ISSC), a multi-million pound training venue offering first class sports and events facilities.

Sport plays an integral part in the life of every Ipswich School Pupil. The School has a proud tradition of excellence in the focus sports as well as International Representation in other fields.

The facilities are outstanding including the hockey, netball and tennis centre at Rushmere, extensive playing fields for rugby, cricket and athletics at Nottcutts and our 1st XI Cricket Square at main school which has hosted first class games and is home to two annual Suffolk 1st team fixtures. We also possess two sports halls, one on site and one at Rushmere, two indoor cricket lanes, an indoor swimming pool and an athletic development suite with the latest Push software.

We believe that Athletic Development and Analysis lie at the core of individual and team development and as such we use Catapult Vision and GPS trackers for our focus sport analysis and our Athletic development programme operates on the PUSH training system. 

At the heart of our programme are three indicators for success:
1) Participation: We aim to involve as many children as possible in our competitive fixtures programme and to give all pupils an opportunity to find a sport or activity for life
2) Success: (in teams and as individuals). We have an aspirational programme and as such we aim to achieve successful results in regional and national competitions. Whilst doing this we recognise that the true strength of any programme is in developing the individual and helping them achieve their goals be they representation at a national level or learning a new sport.
3) Passion beyond school: To truly be consider successful a programme should send pupils into the world with every chance of achieving their goals or maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim to give the pupils the tools to be successful on the sports field and to have a positive relationship with physical activity to maintain a healthy holistic life beyond the school.

We have three main sports sites in addition to those on the school premises at Henley Road.

Ipswich School Sports Centre, Rushmere – IP5 1DE
There are three brand new hockey pitches at Ipswich School Sports Centre, Rushmere. Two are in the Olympic blue/pink colours and one is in green. There are also six netball courts which convert to tennis courts. Two hockey pitches and four netball courts will be floodlit. All of this will make Ipswich School Sports Centre one of the best school hockey and netball facilities in the country.

Notcutts – IP1 4NR
Extensive grounds with rugby, football, cricket and rounders pitches and a grass athletics track

Westwood – IP1 3RH
The boarding house has a hockey pitch which converts to tennis courts in the summer

Our sports programme aims to encourage enjoyment with a sense of purpose.