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What’s cooking?

To improve mental health it is good to do things you enjoy and de-stressing hobbies that you may have, whether this is sport, gaming or reading a book. As a suggestion, baking is a very good way of relaxing and it also has many other benefits. 

It gives you total control over what you are doing which is helpful for many people who struggle with the turbulence of life. It can also improve concentration as there is an incentive behind it – what better way to de-stress and then be able to eat the delicious (sometimes questionable looking) treats you have made. Another advantage is that it is something physical to do to distract or just simply enjoy.

There may be the urge when baking to improve your mental health to make something healthy and low sugar. However, whilst keeping fit and healthy is important, sometimes it should be a reward not focused on the calorie count.  

There are many recipes available online covering all skill levels which makes this hobby very diverse and accessible to all. BBC Good Food has many easy to complete recipes and instructions that are easy to follow. My personal favourite is chocolate pinwheel biscuits. 

Abby C, Year 11

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