Maths is one of the most important subjects studied by students at Ipswich School. We are a nine strong team of very experienced teachers
devoted to sharing our enthusiasm for the subject as well as maximising the mathematical potential of our pupils. The approach is to make the subject interesting and enjoyable without sacrificing rigour. Extensive use is made of mathematical software and support clinics are held three times a week.

Maths also extends beyond the confines of the classroom through the following activities: UK Maths Challenges; Team Challenges; Inter-house
Competitions; Departmental Maths Competitions; various Maths Trips, Cypher Club and Challenges.

Lower School

Pupils are put into sets for maths from November of Year 7. The syllabus gives pupils a thorough grounding of all the basic number work and algebra needed for confident progress in the subject. They also look at a more formal approach to probability, data, symmetry, area and volume, graphs, circles and Pythagoras’ Theorem.

Middle School and IGCSE

From Year 9, pupils embark upon the EDEXCEL IGCSE course. IGCSE is widely recognised as a better course than GCSE – it is more interesting and gives pupils a more solid foundation, which is especially important for those pupils that choose to study the subject at a more advanced level.

“I have been very happy throughout the last two years, and I’ve always found you to be approachable, caring and helpful which has enabled me to grow in confidence.” Middle School pupil

The top set will complete the course in two years and study ‘Additional Maths’ in Year 11. Standard sets will complete the course in three years. We use revision books of practice exam questions, as well as past papers. We offer clinics three times a week to provide the opportunity for more practice and guidance. We finish the course early enough to get through many weeks of well-focused revision.

Sixth Form and A Level

We follow the OCR linear A Level syllabus. Students will study Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. Assessment is by exam only (three papers) and there is no coursework requirement. The course is co-teachable with AS Level and students will be given the option of sitting the AS qualification in the summer of Year 12. The most able mathematicians may wish to take ‘Double Maths’ – these students will complete A Level Maths in Year 12, followed by A Level Further Maths in Year 13.

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying Maths and Further Maths at Ipswich School – the teaching was excellent and inspirational giving me the confidence to go on to study the subject at degree level.” Former Further Maths student, now studying Maths at Durham University.

Exam results

The average of the results in Maths and Further Maths over the most recent three year period (2023, 2022, 2021) is:

A Level
A* 31%
A* – A57%
A* – B82%
A Level Further Maths
A* 36%
A* – A76%
A* -B 96%