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Ipswich School launches Easter Revision Courses open to GCSE and A Level students from all schools

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Every teacher at Ipswich School is passionate about educating younger people.  They know the key to a successful education is sharing their passion and capturing the imagination of those they teach.

That is the essence of an Ipswich School education.

Join us for our Open Morning on Thursday 23 April 2020.  Guided tours of the school will be given by pupils and Mr Weaver, our Headmaster, will give a short presentation.  Please book online if you would like to come along.
If you are unable to attend on that morning, we would be happy to give you an individual tour on another school day – just contact our Admissions team to arrange this.

Your future begins here

Note from the Headmaster

We are very proud of our academic success which is one of the key features of Ipswich School.  Our pupils realise their potential. By the time children leave the Prep School they are generally about a year above national expectations, with some working considerably higher than this.  In the Senior School our GCSE and A Level results are outstanding and we are normally at the top of local results tables.

Choosing a school is probably one of the biggest decisions parents have to make.  Whether you know Ipswich School already, or perhaps are choosing an independent school for the first time, we firmly believe that we create extraordinary futures for all our pupils.

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