Impact of Giving

The impact of a bursary far outweighs the actual amount given. It is an immeasurable gift that can redefine the life of its recipient.

Impact 2023 – Thank you for helping us change lives

We are delighted to report on the impact of your support from September 2022 – August 2023.

Thank you for helping us to change lives through education. 

Mariia, Bursary recipient

My name is Mariia, and last year I became a student at Ipswich School. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. On 24 February 2022, Russia started a full-scale military invasion of my homeland. The situation became increasingly unstable, and it was no longer safe to live there. My family decided to leave home, and for me, it meant starting a completely new chapter in my life.

Baker, Bursary recipient

I am forever grateful to Ipswich School for transforming
my life and future prospects. I would encourage all
people who are able to contribute to Ipswich School’s
Development efforts to consider supporting the School.

Rebecca, Bursary recipient

My two brothers and I were enabled to go to the school with means tested bursaries, we couldn’t have attended otherwise. The pastoral support we received, the nurture and care, owing to our challenging home situation was simply what we needed to thrive.

Tekle Berihu OI, Bursary recipient

I can scarcely believe that my time at Ipswich School has come to an end. In these past two years I have grown into a honest, considerate and hardworking young man and I have Ipswich School to thank for that. Ipswich has shaped my future, I am really excited for my future.

Colin Nears CBE OI, Scholarship recipient

I felt then, and I still feel now, incredibly privileged to have attended Ipswich School.

My parents, who came from a modest background, willingly accepted the sacrifices they would have to make, even with the scholarship to send me to Ipswich School. My gratitude to them will never be enough.

William Latta OI, Bursary recipient

My life was shaped by a combination of the School and my dear mother: the broad education and confidence I gained created opportunities I wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t stood up for me in those difficult times.

That’s why I have left a legacy to the School. It was my privilege to have had this opportunity, and I want to pass on my good fortune to the next generation.

Wendy Sun OI, Bursary recipient

Thanks to the bursary scheme, I was lucky enough to have experienced high-quality education at one of the best schools in the country. My time at Ipswich School enabled me to thrive academically and helped pave the way for my future university and career path. I also met some amazing people during the five years at the school and made long-lasting friendships. 

Matt and Colin Scott OI, Phoenix Fund supporters

“We can’t overstate how important the continuity of being able to stay on at the School was during the turmoil and change of the first months and years after we lost our dad.

The behavioural and emotional support the School continued to give us contributed positively in many, many ways.”

Mark Bailey OI, Bursary and Scholarship recipient

“When the offer of a Queen’s Scholarship to Ipswich School arrived in the spring, our family was assessed as requiring 100% remission. A full fee bursary. 

The family celebrated with a meal at the Martlesham Red Lion, the first time we had dined out for an evening meal.

The values I observed and absorbed at Ipswich School have been influential throughout my career in education.”

Rosie Geelmuyden OI, Bursary recipient

Rosie Geelmuyden OI

“Without the assistance from my Ipswich School Bursary, I don’t believe that I would have been able to achieve half as much as I have. Ipswich School has provided me with an extensive level of support and a wide range of opportunities which would not have been available to me elsewhere.

Thankfully the generosity of the School allowed me to learn and grow in an environment more suited to me.”

Hannah McFarland OI, Bursary recipient

“My time at Ipswich School was genuinely an incredibly happy period of my life. As I look back over the things I’ve done since school, I can’t quite believe how lucky I have been. I will always be grateful to the School for giving me the knowledge, skills and ambition to achieve what I have.

I genuinely believe the bursary I was awarded changed my life.”

Dr Hannah McFarland OI

Alex Yeandle OI, Bursary recipient

Alex Yeandle OI

“Without a shadow of a doubt Ipswich School made me as a person and prepared me for adult life. The opportunities I find myself with going into the future are due to the fantastic education I received, not just in an academic sense but in a co-curricular sense also. Experiences which will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

I will forever be in gratitude for the bursary and scholarship schemes available at Ipswich and strongly believe in the potential they have for furthering social mobility in Suffolk and surrounding areas.”

Karl Daniels OI, supporter and former Chair of Governors

“It is so necessary for Ipswich School to be able to provide bursaries for boys and girls who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to come here – my education at this school gave me so much and I am delighted to have been able to give something back.

I hope my experience, and the joy it has given me to see this young person excel, will encourage other OIs to support the provision of bursaries in the future, at whatever level.”

Karl Daniels OI

John Poulter, supporter and former Governor

John Poulter, supporter and former governor

“Education is the most valuable legacy that one generation can bestow on the next. The recipient of the bursary which I funded will, I am sure, relish their good fortune, but the benefit extends to the wider School community.

It is a privilege to have made the contribution and I urge others to do likewise.”

Parent Testimonial of current Scholarship and Bursary recipient

“She is taught in a supportive and caring environment, has amazing opportunities and is nurtured musically, academically and holistically.  The ethos and values of the School are to produce happy, well-rounded pupils and this is without question our experience of Ipswich School.”