Founding Futures Bursary Fund


Through our Founding Futures Bursary Campaign we want to open up access to Ipswich School to any pupil, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.


We believe an Ipswich School education has the power to be transformational and wish to enable more children with potential and passion to realise their dreams.

Unlike many other Independent schools, Ipswich does not have a large endowment providing bursaries to support children in the School. Every year we have to turn away deserving children with the potential to benefit from our outstanding educational and co-curricular opportunities. 

We don’t want to turn these children away. We want to say yes to every deserving family that applies for financial help.

To do this, we need such an endowment. And the time to start building it is NOW.


We need your help to fully fund at least 25 children into the School on 100% bursaries by 2025, and to endow another five funded places in perpetuity by 2030. 

Through the Founding Futures Bursary Fund, we will begin supporting children in their educational journey immediately. We will also build an endowment that will resonate for years to come. 

Now, more than ever, we need the Ipswich School community to come together to help bring this dream to fruition and transform the lives of young people for decades to come. 

Join us in giving this gift to future generations of Suffolk children – the gift of a first-class education in outstanding surroundings; the gift of a foundation for future success.

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving the community and world better than you found it” 

Marian Wright Edelman