Development – About us

The Development Office at Ipswich School is designed to support the school in its aim of providing pupils with an outstanding educational experience. It plays a vital role in growing and maintaining links with the wider Ipswich School community whose support we so greatly value and appreciate.

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Throughout our 600 year history the School has faced many challenges and we are indebted to a long list of benefactors who have helped provide the wonderful facilities and educational opportunities we enjoy.

Ipswich School has no permanent endowment to support our financial needs and ambitions. We rely upon the generosity of the School community to fund projects and for this we are hugely grateful. It is our vision to build an endowment to offer more life-changing opportunities to children, regardless of their family’s financial background. Alongside this, we will continue to support the provision of resources of the highest standard to maintain the School’s position as the premier school of choice in the area.